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The Darby Foundation is a non-profit organization on a mission to instill great core values, and teach youth "SKILLS 4 LIFE". Through Education, Recreation, Health & Fitness and Community Service, the Foundation aims to achieve these goals. With this formula lives of young people may be enriched. We passionately believe that young people everywhere deserve education, hope and opportunity.

Our goal is to develop golf activities that will engage the participants with challenges that will enable them to use their mental and physical capabilities that will help them solve the dilemmas they are faced with individually or as a group. They will be paired in teams and taught how to communicate with each another, over come challenges and think strategically as they face unexpected obstacles while navigating through the golf course.

The Darby Foundation also will create programs to assist the participants with their academic pursuits.  Our vision is to establish computer literacy workshops and mentoring programs that will engage and empower the youth.  These programs will instill the importance of furthering their education and will lead to professional opportunities.  Furthermore, we plan on partnering with other like-­‐minded organizations so that we may enhance the programs initiatives.

One of our many programs is The Career Day Exploration, which consists of professionals who share their areas of expertise and inform students on how to achieve and inspire to fulfill their career aspirations.  The goal is to inspire students to elect a career which they can see themselves being successful.  We passionately believe young people everywhere deserve education, hope and opportunity.


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 The purpose of this program is to introduce students to the sport of golf. Students will be introduced to a variety of basic skills, concepts and aspects of golf. After these skills, concepts and aspects are introduced and practiced, the students will learn how to apply them in practical learning activities.  Golf is lifetime outdoor sport that is enjoyed by many participants around the world. Golf involves many closed skills performed in a relatively stable environment. Golf requires accuracy and consistency in the performance of the skills associated with it. Golf can be enjoyed as a leisure pursuit and as a competitive sport in a league or tournament setting.


Golf combines physical and mental skills that will serve the students well throughout their lives. Golf skills give person independence and provide a foundation for safe participation in other golf activities. Although the objective of golf is to finish the course with the least amount of strokes, there is always an enjoyment of just being out in the sun. Golf is a true lifetime sport for people of all fitness levels. Participation is a factor that will be stressed in this and every unit.

Student Learning Objectives:

This unit is designed to meet the Essential Academic Learning Requirements in Health and Fitness After completing this unit, the student will:

  • Apply rules and safety procedures, practice sportsmanship and teamwork, and cooperatively participate in a variety of group and individual fitness activities.
  • Develop fundamental physical skills and progress to complex movement activities as physically able.
  • Develop the personal skills necessary to comfortably and enjoyably play the game of golf.
  • Understand and demonstrate the rules, strategy, safety and etiquette of each activity.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze the fundamental skills required for the game of golf.
  • Acquire skills to move safely.
  • Understand concepts of physical fitness.
  • Recognize patterns of growth and development.

Skill Competencies Development includes task cards that are to be completed 1-3 days after a skill was learned. Each student will be responsible for completing the required task cards.

Knowledge and Application includes pop quizzes over information learned the previous day and the final golf exam.

Social Development includes: attitude, cooperation with teacher and students, leadership abilities, and following directions.

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